George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic

  • Founding his first band, The Parliments back in 1955, George Clinton would go on to mastermind the most important collective in funk history.

    Recording as both Parliament and Funkadelic the collective changed the face of soul and R&B forever, taking the influences of late 60’s acid heroes like Zappa and Hendrix and mixing them with more conventional R&B sensibilities they created the twisted psychedelic sound of P-Funk, going on to score over 40 hits singles and 3 platinum selling albums, including the groundbreaking One Nation Under a Groove and Mothership Connection.

    To this day he remains a pioneer, his influence on the birth of hip-hop and rap cannot be underestimated, as he continues to tour with his trusted band of musical geniuses to spread the word of the gospel according to George, so get down the front, this show is going to be massive and one that we promise you will never forget.