• Based in Bali, with a current residency at Potato Head Beach Club, Single Fin, Old Man’s and his own regular sunset session Calypso. SEABASS frequents an eclectic sound evolving his take on disco, funk, and rock; all rooted from the cultural revolution of warehouse raves in Jakarta’s underground in the 90’s.

    After a brief mission in search of the black gold and journeying the world for it. In 2008 SEABASS flew to San Francisco and started an amusing twist of disco alternative to what was happening at the time. Playing across a vast spectrum scenes over the years: small nightclubs, private parties, radio, sleazy dodgy bars and strange dives. SEABASS recently opened a small, well stocked independent record store in Kerobokan, under the name Badung Digs. Currently, he is structuring a record label based in Bali, working with local sounds.