The UK’s multi-award winning festival, Bestival, is setting sail for a new adventure in Bali on 30th September and 1stOctober 2017 at Uluwatu’s Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK Cultural Park) 

The Venue opens at 3pm and closes at 1am on both dates.

Bestival Bali is a cashless festival which makes for a better customer experience all round. Simply load your cashless wristband and spend as you go – no stuffing change in your pockets, no card transactions every time you go to the bar. Simply tap your wristband and away you go. Run out of credit? Just top up online or at a top-up booth.

1) Grab your wristband
You’ll be given a cashless wristband as you enter Bestival – you’re already halfway there. The wristband is waterproof and tamperproof so it will last for both days of the festival.

2) Load your wristband with funds

There are several loading stations just past the main entrance to Bestival and a number of others around the venue. Simply hand over some cash or pay by card and the funds will be loaded onto your wristband.

3) Spend and enjoy
It’s so easy to pay for drinks and food. Your server will tap your wristband and tell you your balance, then take your order and tell you how much it comes to, before tapping again to complete the transaction and confirm your new balance. Now just grab your drinks and go. Cash out facilities will be available at the venue when you leave.