• Exclusive Q&A chat with alt-J

    In the next of our Q&A sessions with Bestival’s headliners we catch up with Gus from the super talented alt-J. No strangers to Bestival, the band have triumphed on every stage we’ve thrown them on in the UK, which is why we’ve invited them along to play at Bestival Bali for what promises to be a performance of epic proportions.


    Ever been to Bali?

    Nope, this will be my first time – same for all of the band.


    Meditation or hiking a volcano?

    I’d take the hike – you can meditate anywhere but volcanoes aren’t that easy to find.


    Desert Island album of choice?

    Abbey Road by The Beatles – it’s got everything you need, like a Swiss army knife.


    Best ever sunset?

    I went to a wedding in Whitstable, on the English coast, recently, and watched a perfect red orb of a sun dip below the water with my fiancee, my best friends and a pint of beer. Pretty perfect.


    Surfing or fishing?

    Neither appeals to me much, though if pushed I’d say fishing as it might end in something to eat.


    Top tip for travelling to a paradise island?

    Well it’ll be my first time, but I’m planning on bringing a white Gray-Nicolls cricket hat to keep the sun off.


    What’s in your luggage?

    Other than the usual boring stuff, I have card games, a compact 35mm film camera and usually a few issues of the New Yorker I haven’t go round to reading yet.


    If you could name a tropical island, what would you call it? 



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